ADU pricing

With Abodu, you get everything you need in an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)— thoughtful end-to-end service, expert design, unmatched quality, and rapid installation—and nothing you don’t. And because pricing is upfront from day one, there are no hidden costs or stress.

Straightforward Pricing

Starting at $199,900.

Our pricing is upfront from day one, there are no hidden costs or stress. And with the Abodu Pricing Guarantee, if the cost of your project changes, we guarantee that we don’t profit from the change. We also don’t mark up permitting fees.

This budget includes the following:

  • Home visit to ensure that your backyard and an Abodu is a great fit
  • Pre-approved plans for the fastest possible permit approvals (we pull the permits for you)
  • Completed Abodu (including finishes & appliances)
  • Standard site work (including foundation, trenching, utility tie-in)
  • Delivery of the Abodu from our factory to your site
  • Installation of the Abodu unit on-site, including craning (up to 100 ft.)

What is the timeline and payment schedule for an ADU?

We have one of the shortest ADU project timelines available. Your entire Abodu Built-To-Order project will be completed in as little as 6 months,  and the payment schedule is divided into five payments throughout this timeline. Abodu Quickship units can be delivered in as little as 30 days.


Home Visit

$500 fee

We meet you in person at your home to check on a few things and ensure your backyard and Abodu are a great fit.



Payment 1

We work with the city to get your permit all squared away.


Factory Build

Payment 2

We build your Abodu in our factory, so you don’t have to hear us in your backyard.


Site Prep

Payment 3

We complete the necessary site work to ensure your backyard is ready for your new Abodu.


Delivery and Install

Payment 4

We get your Abodu from the factory to your home and ensure installation is a breeze.


Your New Abodu

Payment 5

​​We'll walk you through your new Abodu and explain all the features, bells, whistles, and custom details.


Choose the Abodu to fit your space, and lifestyle.


The Abodu to fit the tightest backyards. With Abodu Studio, you get full-sized living, kitchen, bath, and cathedral ceilings – compacted to a footprint of just 12′ x 28′, or 340 square feet.


​​Our flagship no-compromise one-bedroom backyard living space. You get full-sized living, kitchen, bedroom and bath, plus cathedral ceilings – with a footprint of just 500 square feet.


Accommodate tenants, host family, or move in yourself. With Abodu Two, you get all the features of an Abodu One, plus an extra bedroom (or is it an office or gym?) – with a footprint of just 610 square feet.

What Custom Options and Upgrades Are Available?

For a detailed list of additional options, including premium materials, solar, turn-key furniture packages, and more, see our option and upgrades page.


For transparency's sake

A few things that increase cost:


Deep Backyard

Our base price includes up to 50 ft of plumbing and 100 ft of craning. Our sales team will assess your backyard ahead of time to see how long your backyard is and provide upfront plumbing and craning costs.

$125 per additional foot of plumbing over 50 ft. 

$250 per additional craning foot over 100 ft. 


Electrical Panel Upgrade

If your home electrical panel is under 200 amps or has less than 85 amps of additional capacity, we’ll likely need to upgrade. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it for you.



Hazardous Soil Conditions

If you live in an area where your land requires a specially engineered foundation, we’ll see if we can design one for your Abodu.

We’ll provide a quote. 


Landscape Removal or Repair

If you need us to tear down that old shed, remove that dead tree, or provide significant landscape repair after Abodu installation- we’ve got you covered.

We’ll bring in a local landscape partner to provide a quote. 


Hear From Abodu Homeowners

We currently service San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Seattle, Washington. Learn firsthand from current Abodu Homeowners about their experience with our streamlined ADU process.

Hear From Our Homeowners