Our Service

We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

What makes buying an Abodu different? Our purchase and install experience is painless and quick.

We manage everything for you and will be in your backyard as little as 2 weeks or less.

Seamless Installation

We take the frustration out of expanding your home.


Common frustrations:

4+ months of on-site construction getting in the way of your life.

What we've done:

As little as 2 weeks or less onsite. With Abodu, you'll know everything falls into the right place.


Common frustrations:

Confusing permitting requirements. Building your schedule around unpredictable construction timelines. Repeating yourself to all the different parties involved - architect, plumber, engineer, electrician.

What we've done:

End-to-end project management and no-sweat permitting. We'll take care of everything for you. If we can't get a permit, you get your money back.


Common frustrations:

Construction equipment in your yard. Wasted materials running up the budget.

What we've done:

No waste on-site because everything is built in factory. Our preferred foundation system, using helical piles, takes less than a day to install, without any concrete.

Here's how we stack up:

Our Install Timeline

Home Visit

We meet you in person to check on a few things and ensure your backyard and Abodu are a great fit.


We work with the city to get your permit all squared away.

*Other cities: 4-12 weeks


We build your Abodu in our factory, so you don't have to hear us in your backyard.

Yard Work

We manage all necessary site-work to make sure your yard is ready for its new Abodu.

Delivery and Install

We get your Abodu from factory to your home and make sure install goes smooth and stress-free.

Your New Abodu

We walk you through your new Abodu and explain all the fun bells and whistles.

No-surprises, risk-free pricing.

Because nobody likes being nickel and dimed. Especially with their home.

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