Abodu Quickship

Abodu Quickship

The quickest ADU available. Period.

In as little as 30 days from Permitting -> Delivery in select CA cities.


Straightforward pricing

Starting at $228,400.

Our pricing is upfront from day one, there are no hidden costs or stress. And with the Abodu Pricing Guarantee, if the cost of your project changes, we guarantee that we don’t profit from the change. We also don’t mark up permitting fees.

This budget includes the following:

  • Home visit to ensure that your backyard and an Abodu One is a great fit
  • Pre-approved plans for the fastest possible permit approvals (we pull the permits for you)
  • Completed Abodu One Quickship unit (including finishes & appliances)
  • Standard site work (including foundation, trenching, utility tie-in)
  • Delivery of the Abodu One Quickship from our factory to your site
  • Installation of the Abodu unit on-site, including craning (up to 100 ft.)

Abodu Quickship

Add space to your place in as little as 30 days.

Abodu Quickship is the quickest way to add an ADU to your backyard in California. Period.
Choose from a selection of Abodu One Quickship units, complete, ready, and waiting to be shipped. There are no extra costs or fees, and in select CA cities, your Quickship Abodu can be installed in as little as 30 days. Looking for a speedy return on investment? With Quickship you’re earning more cash ASAP. Need more space for the family? A dedicated workspace? Each unit contains our most commonly selected options and upgrades. So Quickship is not just extra fast, you can be sure your Abodu will have everything you need in a backyard home as well. 

Here's how Abodu Quickship stacks up:


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