Abodu Two

All the hallmarks of an Abodu One, with an extra bedroom.

Plenty of space to accommodate multiple family members or renters. 610 square feet.


Starting at $259,000.

This includes the following:

  • Site evaluation
  • Permitting consultation with an on-site contractor
  • Completed Abodu (including finishes & appliances)
  • Delivery from our factory to your site, including craning
  • Anticipated required site work from your contractor- we can connect you with qualified, licensed contractors for this portion

Abodu Two Floorplan


  • Optimized layout, with dedicated spaces designed for living.
  • No-compromise kitchen, with full-size appliances, included.
  • Signature cathedral ceilings, and optimized windows for natural light and privacy.
  • Curated interior and exterior options: La Cantina accordion-style door; combination washer and dryer; six different siding styles.


  • 14' x 44'
  • Dining room and 2 spacious bedrooms (10' x 14')
  • 1 bathroom (9' x 5.5')
  • Galley kitchen (9' x 7.5') with full-size appliances
  • 610 square feet

Abodu Models



All the same hallmarks of an Abodu One, with a smaller footprint. 340 square feet.



Our flagship no-compromise one-bedroom backyard living space. 500 square feet.


And, we'll make it easy.

We take care of everything. No need to deal with construction crews in your backyard for months - we'll be quick and painless.

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