Abodu One ADU

Plenty of space with a full-sized bedroom.

The Abodu One is perfect for accommodating recent graduates, welcoming guests, or using as a home office space. We provide end-to-end project management services to make the building and installation process simple and convenient for you.

Abodu One is our flagship no-compromise one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit (ADU). You get a full-sized living area, kitchen, bedroom and bath, plus cathedral ceilings—all at a footprint of just 500 square feet. Installing an Abodu ADU adds value to your property, and our off-site building process ensures that you won’t have construction crews on your property for months. Elevate your backyard living with an ADU.


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How Much Does a One-Bedroom ADU Cost?

Starting at $225,900.

Our prices include everything from blueprint to key in hand. And because it’s all upfront from day one, there are no hidden costs, no deviations, and no stress.

This budget includes the following:

  • A home visit to ensure your backyard is a great fit for an Abodu
  • Pre-approved plans for the fastest possible permit approvals (we pull the permits for you)
  • Completed Abodu (including finishes & appliances)
  • All site work (foundation, trenching, utility tie-in)
  • Delivery from our factory to your site
  • Installation of the Abodu unit on-site, including craning


  • Optimized layout, with dedicated spaces designed for living.
  • No-compromise kitchen, with full-size appliances, included.
  • Signature cathedral ceilings, and optimized windows for natural light and privacy.
  • Curated interior and exterior options: La Cantina accordion-style door; combination washer and dryer; six different siding styles.


  • 14' x 35'
  • Spacious bedroom (10' x 14')
  • 1 bathroom (9' x 5.5')
  • Galley kitchen (9' x 7.5') with full-size appliances
  • Living / dining room
  • 500 square feet

Abodu Models


Abodu Studio

The Abodu to fit the tightest backyards. With Abodu Studio, you get full-sized living, kitchen, bath, and cathedral ceilings – compacted to a footprint of just 12' x 28', or 340 square feet.


Abodu Two

Accommodate tenants, host family, or move in yourself. You get all the features of an Abodu One, plus an extra bedroom (or is it an office or gym?) – with a footprint of just 610 square feet.


And, we'll make it easy.

With concierge-level service from blueprint to delivery, you get a familiar face walking you through every step.

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