July 14, 2021

Abodu Homeowner Spotlight: Joyce

Tom Roche

Tom Roche, Marketing Director at Abodu

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Joyce's big dilemma

At Abodu, we like to say our spaces are designed to fit your space, and customizable to fit your lifestyle. For San Jose’s Joyce H., this flexibility has opened up new horizons for what she does next – and from where.

A permanent space for flexible living.

Joyce had been considering an ADU for a long time. But the realities of a custom site build meant too many decisions. When she first set foot in our showroom, she knew she’d found the perfect long-term rental to boost her income. Or so she thought…

Then, COVID got in the way of Joyce’s plans to rent out her Abodu One. And now, after dozens of yoga and meditation sessions on her sun-filled deck, it’s unlikely she’ll relinquish her new favorite space to anyone.

“The new quandary that I’m in is: should I move in here and rent out my house?”— Joyce

A forward-looking backyard dwelling.

Find out how Joyce’s Abodu opened up new horizons for her future:


Thanks, Joyce, for sharing your sun-filled Abodu with us.

And all the best for your post-pandemic travels!


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