Why backyard living?

These days, huge backyards and white picket fences are out of reach for most of us. The ‘American dream’ 2.0 is more about live-in grandparents, working from home, and flexible spaces. We need to get smarter about how we create affordable housing and increase density on the land we already have. While U.S. cities used to make it illegal or cost-prohibitive to add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), many are now removing barriers to development—encouraging sustainable density. That’s why we’re working in close partnerships with municipalities to cut red tape and make smart density the new normal.

Extra Space

Extra space for extra options.

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    Welcome Granny.

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    Host friends without the hassle.

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    Work, create, or workout from home.

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    A place to live post-graduation.

Rental Income

Rental income for an instant return.

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    Net more than $2,000 a month.

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    Refinance and still make a healthy return. Even after financing costs, most homeowners net more than $1,000 per month from ADU rentals.

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    Downsize yourself and rent out your existing home.

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    Contact us to receive a personalized rental estimate for your area.

Increase your home value.

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Make a difference in your community

Abodu ADUs are helping to solve the housing crisis one yard at a time. Talk to us about how you can help house those who need it most.

A Place to Call Home

Make a difference in your community. Abodu ADUs are helping to solve the housing crisis one yard at a time. Talk to us about how you can help house those who need it most. Whether you need to provide housing for your college grad or a place to live that’s closer to work, we’ll help you get there—and without worry about dreaded shared walls.


A better choice for renters.

An Abodu makes a great rental.


Live Closer to Work

Live closer to work, and kiss the commute goodbye.


More Affordable

Smaller footprint = more affordable than comparable units.


The Perfect Rental

Architecturally designed and newly constructed, with no shared walls.

Our Products

You have many options when deciding upon an ADU provider, including traditional site-built construction. But first, you’ll need to make countless decisions around design, architecture, and engineering. Then you will have to pull permits for city approval and can expect backyard construction to take 6+ months. Managing this process is painful. Abodu eliminates these challenges.

Our Services

You’ll be proud you chose us and proud to have an Abodu in your backyard. Abodu’s process is simple, fast, and transparent, at a price that is extremely competitive with traditional site-built construction. Our on-site contractor will only be in your backyard for as little as 2 weeks, as opposed to 6+ months. And when you have questions, we are always just a phone call or email away.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Legalized and incentivized in California since 2017.

In 2017, California legalized and reduced most fees for backyard homes – recognizing ADUs as a vital tool in solving the housing crisis. Under Prop 13, adding an Abodu in CA doesn’t trigger an increase on your property tax basis for your existing home, just on the improvement value. With new 2020 laws removing additional barriers to backyard dwellings, there’s never been a better time to think about creating new space at your old place.

The perfect space.

We've spent countless hours designing every inch so an Abodu ADU feels right at home in your backyard.

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