Why Backyard Living?

Upgrade your backyard.

Over the past few decades, we haven't built enough housing to keep up with our growing populations. Part of the solution is a new and growing movement to add backyard homes, also called Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Many areas have recently made it legal and easy for homeowners to add backyard homes to their property. Ultimately, this will help cities meet population demand for housing and provide countless benefits for homeowners.

Benefits for homeowners

An Abodu adds value and flexibility to your property.

Extra Space

More square feet means more options:

  • A place to stay for visiting friends and family.
  • Allow yourself to age-in-place, or house a live-in-nurse.
  • A place for your post-grad...that's not under the same roof.
  • A place for your nanny, or an Au Pair.
  • A home office, a home gym, or a home studio.
  • The possibilities are endless — it’s your Abodu, it’s your space.

Rental Income

The Bay Area is a high-rent market. You know that.

  • Have savings or home equity? Expect to net more than $2,000 per month.
  • Need financing? Even after financing costs, most homeowners net more than $1,000 per month from ADU rentals.
  • Want even more? Move into the ADU, and rent out your main home.
  • Contact us to receive a personalized rental estimate for your area.

Increased Property Value

By exactly how much is up for debate, but people generally agree it's significantly more than the cost of construction. We've done our best to estimate this for you below.

Community Benefits

Adding livable space will help solve the local housing crisis. Want to go even further? Talk to us about how you can help house someone who needs it most.

Benefits for renters

An Abodu makes a great rental.

Live Closer to Work

No more 2+ hours of commuting per day, as is so common for many.

More Affordable

Most ADUs rent slightly below comparable 1-bedroom units, largely due to the smaller footprint.

The Perfect Rental

New construction. Beautifully designed. Energy efficient. No neighbors (or, rather, no shared walls).

How We'll Help

“Why Abodu?”

We're not the only company who can build an ADU - a general contractor will be happy to do that for you. But first you'll need to make multiple decisions around design, architecture and engineering. That process is painful - but we've already designed the perfect backyard home. You'll be proud to have an Abodu in your backyard.

Abodu's process is simple, fast and transparent, at a price that is extremely competitive with traditional contractors. We will only be in your backyard for 2 weeks, instead of 4+ months.

California, here we come.

Recently Legalized in California.

In 2017, California enacted statewide legislation on ADUs to make them legal and remove most fees. This recognized backyard homes as a much-needed tool to help solve the California housing crisis. And for any California homeowners thinking about Prop 13 - it won't trigger an increase on your property tax basis for your main home, just the improvement value.

The perfect space.

We've spent countless hours designing every inch so an Abodu feels right at home in your backyard.

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