November 3, 2021

3 cities. 3 installs. 1 day.


Abodu Team


3 cities. 3 installs. 1 day.

It’s no secret that at Abodu, we live for install day. We thought two in one day was impressive. Little did we know, nine months later, we’d be proving ourselves wrong.


Three new families. Three new Abodus. One install day: breakfast in Mountain View, lunch in San Jose, and afternoon coffee in Menlo Park.

Neighbors congregated, kids pointed, doggos cut their walks short, and even the news helicopter circled around to watch our big crane make its way through the street. The day couldn’t have gone any smoother. Three cities. Three satisfied families. One beaming Abodu team.

3-in-1 Install Day from Abodu on Vimeo.

Oh, and by the way– we’re now serving Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, and San Diego County. Feel free to share this blog to any friends that might be interested in Abodu. We’re always here to answer your questions.


– Abodu

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