November 2, 2021

Abodu joins SPUR Webinar on Missing-Middle Housing: An Ecosystem of Housing Production

aboducalifornia housingwebinar

Photo by Flickr user Sightline Institute

Co-presented by APA Northern California, California YIMBY, Terner Center. 

+ Bill Fulton / Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Terner Center (Visiting Fellow)
+ Annie Fryman / Abodu
+ Jane Lin / Urban Field Studio
Jared Basler / Maxable
+ Sarah Karlinsky / SPUR

Missing-Middle Housing: An Ecosystem of Housing Production from SPUR on Vimeo.

1 AICP CM available for APA member attendees. 

1 Learning Unit available for AIA member attendees.

AIA Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore designs for missing middle housing and learn about the challenges and impacts that these housing types offer to neighborhoods.
  2. Gain an understanding of the existing missing-middle market from companies designing and building the products.
  3. Understand the meaning of missing-middle development and its implications on domestic and public life in our cities.
  4. Understand the importance and obstacles to creating a production ecosystem for missing-middle homes.


Thanks for having us SPUR!

– Abodu team

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