August 27, 2021

Can Minimalist Home Design Have a Positive Effect on You?


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Can Minimalist Home Design Have a Positive Effect on You?

Feeling bogged down by clutter in your living space? A messy space could be holding your home—and you!—back from reaching your full potential. Learn more about the benefits of minimalistic design and how it can positively impact your home and lifestyle.

Understanding the Impact of Clutter and Excessive Stimuli

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Keeping your living space neat and organized can help address some of the major contributors to your daily stress. When there’s just too much going on, it can make it more difficult for your brain and body to relax. Additionally, as dust and other allergens collect on clutter and knickknacks, you may also be at higher risk for respiratory issues, according to the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences.

The Calming Effects of Simplicity

It’s true—less is more. According to the Verywell Mind, homeowners have reported higher levels of satisfaction, comfort, and overall better mental health when living in a clutter-free home. If it doesn’t have a purpose, junk shouldn’t have a place in your home. Additionally, our brains respond positively to symmetry, and there’s proof that it makes us feel more content.

Curate a Productive Workspace

Keeping your home clean and simple can do wonders for the modern remote worker. As living spaces spill over into workspaces, staying on task and keeping everything organized can become more difficult. Freeing up space can give you more room to be productive, and research has shown that homeowners are more comfortable in functional homes.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a lifestyle change, and for some, downsizing just isn’t possible. Browse expertly curated, minimalist accessory dwelling units by Abodu. Our ADUs ground Scandinavian inspiration in American backyards while offering a seamless construction and installation experience. Each unit was designed in partnership with Koto, a UK-based design studio famous for their one-of-a-kind creations. Visit our showroom in Redwood City, CA, to get a closer look at our minimalist backyard homes.

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