March 31, 2021

Abodu Homeowner Spotlight: The Parsons

Tom Roche

Tom Roche, Head of Brand

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How we helped bring their hive together

Did you know that Abodu attracts more neighbors than honey alone?

At least, this is true for commercial beekeepers Todd and Jen Parsons; Abodu Homeowners in the Spotlight this month.

While it’s not every day that a new home comes delivered straight to your street, when the Parsons’ Abodu was crane-lifted into their backyard, you can bet that surrounding neighbors noticed; pulling out their best lawn chairs to get a glimpse.

Todd and Jen wanted to create a live-in space for Grandma Marge, who had been living alone during the start of the pandemic. Not only would this be a safer solution for the family, it was a great way to bring Marge closer to her grandkids.

But, the ADU needed to tick a few boxes first. The Parsons wanted:

    • Speed: With uncertainty in the air, Todd and Jen wanted Marge closer to home and fast. The project needed to be turned around quickly.
    • Design: The space needed to have charm, plenty of natural light, and enough space for the grandkids to visit.
    • Versatility: The space needed to be multi-functional, and adapt to suit their lifestyle.

The Parsons aren’t the only ones pulling parents out of assisted living for the sake of safety and wellbeing. We’ve seen a trend towards more communal living throughout the pandemic, with families moving closer together to share child-raising responsibilities.

Adding an Abodu to their backyard was a real win-win for Todd, Jen and Marge. Grandma Marge gets to see the grandkids more often and the parents get an afternoon off every now and then.

Thanks for sharing your Abodu (and your honey) with us, Todd and Jen. We loved meeting Marge and appreciated the hospitality.

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