October 20, 2020

Abodu Seed Funding Announcement

John Geary

John Geary

Co-founder and CEO at Abodu

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It’s been an exciting year for Abodu. We closed out our first 12 months of sales last week and are humbled by the response we’ve seen from Bay Area homeowners. The people have spoken – ADUs are here to stay and they are solving real problems for homeowners throughout California and beyond. We started Abodu to make it easier for homeowners to complete an ADU project on their property, and over the past year, we’ve established Abodu as the fastest provider of new permanent housing units in California. And the best part? Our units are beautifully designed to be lived in.

Today we are proud to announce that we have closed a Seed round of funding led by Initialized Capital. Initialized’s track record of working with innovative housing companies, such as Opendoor and Culdesac, brings unique expertise to our growing roster of advisors and resources. We closed this round back in March, but have been heads down navigating through the evolving climate of COVID – listening to customers, understanding the needs and concerns of the market, and iterating on our model to deliver rapidly deployable housing.

We are continuing to compile a team of rockstars, who are passionate about housing and believe there has just got to be a better way. If you think ADUs can drive a meaningful impact in housing and want to be part of a team that cuts its teeth on some really hard problems, please reach out!

While today is our formal announcement of the funding round, this is only one small milestone on Abodu’s long term journey – to add scalable housing throughout the country. We have lots of work to do and will continue to serve homeowners looking for more livable space, fast.

Thanks for following along –

Eric and John

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