January 13, 2020

“These Affordable Backyard Homes Can Be Installed in Two Weeks…”

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Affordable Backyard Homes

From: Dwell

Buyers can now skirt hurdles in the building process and plop down a 500-square-foot standalone house in just two weeks. The units will bolster affordable housing throughout San Jose while adding value to homeowners’ properties.

Most of the appeal lies in Abodu’s seamless, sans souci process. They take on all the nitty-gritty details that scare off many homeowners looking to build a second unit: dragged-out city permitting; noisy, lengthy construction processes; and financing headaches. To top it all off, property owners won’t have to put down a single dollar if they don’t want to—and they can still see upwards of $3,000 each month from a renter. 

UK-based Koto styled the luxe rentals with Scandinavian simplicity. Landscaping and decking gives the homes a more settled feel—and a furniture package makes them rental-ready.

San Jose is pushing to develop 10,000 new affordable housing units by 2022, so Abodu is a boon for [the] city. 

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Media Coverage

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